Kunesh  Design
Jason Kunesh speaking at the first Figma Config conference in 2020.


I’m Jason, a computational designer from Chicago, USA.

I help people make products and services with community input.

Kunesh Design provides design coaching, speaking, and facilitation for education, environmental, health care, social, and financial institutions.


I would love the opportunity to connect with your organization. Drop me a line at speaking@kunesh.design.

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I've taught digital design at the undergraduate and graduate level.


I am good at explaining the implications of technology-driven innovation for our culture. It comes with being a human-centered designer, I suppose.

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I've worked with amazing organizations from A to Z. Sometimes, our efforts have been recognized with an award.

It's humbling to have your work celebrated. Here are a few I celebrate, too.

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Jason Kunesh wears Public Mark of Chicago shoes at the launch event for the Chicago Design System.